Workshop Testimonials

"Great workshop, very informative."

Claire Zaal
November 2017

"Digital House provided an interesting and informative digital marketing workshop!"

Sam Hollingsworth
November 2017

"A great workshop on marketing - thought I knew what I was doing, but clearly lots to learn!"

Sarah Bromitam
November 2017

"So much information, helped out alot, given me ideas and inspiration!"

Charlotte Gilliam
October 2017

"Very informative. A lot of information but delivered in a way that I could follow. Came away feeling inspired and excellent."

Julia Dunbar
October 2017

"Very informative free workshop specialising in vast areas of online marketing. Certainly answered my questions and gave me plenty of ideas to work on."

Sharon Broach
September 2017

"Digital workshop, fantastic! Learnt so much in language making understanding simple. Time well spent, will clearly recommend this to all."

Bryan Edwards
September 2017

"Great insight into their field of expertise – confident that I can use new skills and make a difference!"

Ben Fielding
September 2017

"Digital House free workshop is amazing. Education provides businesses with ideas and help."

Sarah Reynolds
August 2017

"Very good, thoroughly enjoyed. Would 100% recommend and can’t wait to tell all!"

George Fox
August 2017

"Fantastic workshop with knowledgeable trainers. Friendly and easy to understand, would thoroughly recommend."

Fiona Saunders
July 2017

"Brilliant 2 ½ hours of fun and factual training. Very informative and useful."

Anton Van Baalan
June 2017

"A comprehensive overview of Digital Marketing delivered in a friendly easy to understand way. Loved it. I can now see that to build a quality business, you need quality digital marketing. Barbara and Sarah delivered a high class workshop in a language that made it easy to follow. If you want to grow your business I would definitely recommend that you attend this free workshop."

Jude Price
May 2017

"Informative workshop. Well presented and simple to understand. Would recommend to anyone wanting to understand more about Digital Marketing."

Sam Gold
June 2017

"A very good workshop. It covered exactly what I needed and explanations were very clear. Topics were covered well without any sales pitch."

Doreen Petchet
June 2017

"Really helpful workshop, will definitely be calling for a consultation for my SEO and AdWords."

Esi Hardy
June 2017

"Extremely useful workshop which is relevant to my current needs."

Debra Cooke
June 2017

"Experienced, professional, happy to help! Will definitely recommend Digital House to friends."

Beata Marajewska
June 2017

"I found the workshop very interesting. It has provided me with a lot of knowledge on Facebook which I will be able to take away with me and help grow our business. The workshop was extremely friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Gemma Cruickshank
May 2017

"Excellent workshop on Digital Insight Marketing."

Stephanie Crutchly
June 2017

"Lovely, friendly atmosphere, very informative, extremely helpful."

Julie Weston
May 2017

"Very informative, helpful, easy to understand. Recommend to everyone starting out or wanting to grow the business."

Suzanne Henwood
May 2017

"My colleagues and I attended the free Digital Marketing Insight workshop last week and we thought it was expertly run and very insightful. We came away with lots of ideas to help our business and I personally think that it is an essential course for anyone running a business. Thank you to both Sarah and Barbara for running such a beneficial course."

Wendy Jeffery
April 2017

"I attended the Digital House free workshop this morning and it was so knowledgeable. I feel more confident about my business and know the right direction to go in and what online tools will help me personally. Everything was made very clear and was easy to follow with detail and hidden online tips to help boost brand awareness. Barbara and Sarah are really great at what they do. Thank you again."

Kerrie Burgess
February 2017

"I attended Barbara & Sarah's digital workshop and felt it was an excellent introduction into unravelling the world of Digital Marketing - SEO Optimisation and Google Adwords were particularly eye-opening and informative. I have absolutely no hesitation in using Digital House for my own business and will most certainly be recommending their services to my clients. They genuinely want to help without 'tying you into' any ridiculous contracts, I have already signed my mum onto the next workshop to help her understand the digital side of marketing for her own business."

Kelly Harding
January 2017

"I attended the free workshop, it was very informative and engaging. I'm self taught at my own website development / SEO /Social media for my business supporting divorcing/separated parents to present their own cases as a McKenzie Friend in local family courts and think i'm doing pretty well and a lot of the info covered I had already implemented but there was great suggestions on the use of Facebook groups for free advertising which I had omitted to catch on too so that information was most useful. Lovely staff and very responsive to all the individual attendees unique business challenges. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with other businesses. Thanks again Digital House."

Graham Fletcher
January 2017

"Really enjoyed today's digital media workshop with Barbara and Dylan! Thanks for your hospitality. I was extremely impressed with the topics covered and if anyone needs to know how to use your branding correctly, you should speak to Barbara! Corporate colours throughout the office and even in the toilet. Loved it. I will certainly be doing the same at the new Local Buzz HQ :-) BTW, I will be following up with some of the tips and how you can help promote Local Buzz even more!"

Jackie Osborne
October 2016

"Thanks to the team at Digital House. The workshop yesterday was really great. I can't believe how much I didn't have a clue about! Highly recommended. Thanks again."

Dan Coles
August 2016

"Any marketing plan is only as good as it’s execution and that means having people you can trust to get things done. Digital House impressed me with the depth of their knowledge and real world experience ( the examples of the work they presented were also very good) and the training I received from them was first class. A great session!"

John-James Mcchesney
June 2016

"The Workshop was well worth it. It was an eye opener especially to social media/marketing. Some really useful tips given and information provided. Would highly recommend this for any business old and new. Barbara and Sarah were lovely, answered everyone's questions and personalised the meeting by assisting with each individuals business and how to push things forward for each business. Thank you so much."

Christelle Thompson
May 2016

"If you you are like me, and a novice to social media then Digital House can really help! I went to the free social media workshop and came away feeling full of new knowledge. Not only was I delighted at their professionalism, but their ability to made me feel listened to and they offered fantastic 121 on-hand advice on the day. Thank you!"

Natasha Wheeler

"I attended the Digital insight workshop this morning at Digital House, it was very informative and well worth attending. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going..."

Jo Stevens

"Very pleasent and informative morning. Would deffinitely recommend it!"

Michael Bearman
November 2017

"Very informative and professionally delivered!"

Chrisse Wardle
November 2017

"Very helpful workshop on social media and Digital Marketing!"

Jim Stock
November 2017

"Very friendly staff, extremely helpful workshop. I would absolutely recommend."

Jenna Wooldridge
October 2017

"Extremely informative about a subject that I knew I needed to understand better to assess potential impact on my business."

Keith Baker
October 2017

"I booked on this course last minute and wasn't expecting that much but thought I would give it a go as it was local to me. However, I was so impressed! It was such a good use of my time. I learnt so much in the morning. The environment was well thought out and even refreshments provided. I certainly know where I will go for marketing help in the future. The team were really knowledgeable and grasped our individual needs immediately. What a brilliant company!"

Juliet Rudkin
September 2017

"Great workshop, some great nuggets of information"

Mathew Allshorn
September 2017

"An excellent workshop explained how you can use social media and online marketing and raise the profile of your business. Friendly, professional and very helpful!"

Kim Searle
August 2017

"Great initial update course – well pitched / comprehensive."

Janet Hale
August 2017

"Very informative session – well presented, lovely people, great surroundings. Invaluable. Thank you."

Lisa Robins
July 2017

"Excellent information delivered in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Easy parking and tea! I am leaving with lots of ideas to try myself at home. Thank you!"

Georgina Watts
June 2017

"This workshop provided so much information that was really useful. I am excited to go home and put everything I have learnt into practice."

Rozy Knape
June 2017

"A very clear and in-depth look into what I can do for my business. Thank you Digital House."

Andrea Smith
June 2017

"Attended a fabulous (and free!) workshop on Digital Marketing! Really informative, great atmosphere and met lots of other business people. Thank you!"

Julia Hyland
June 2017

"Very interesting morning, a huge learning curve."

Amanda Evans
June 2017

"In a short time, I learnt more valuable tips than having read articles and websites on using social media effectively!"

Jenny Mallin
June 2017

"Very informative and interesting, definitely would recommend their workshops and services."

Annette Jefferies
June 2017

"The workshop was very informative and very useful. I learnt lots I didn’t know."

Jackie Learwood
May 2017

"Great seminar! Really informative and engaging. I learned a lot of relevant and useful tips and things to try. Well recommended!"

Martine Robins
May 2017

"Fantastic workshop packed with relevant, valuable information. Clearly they are able to help small businesses, and understand our specific needs."

Natalie Melton
April 2017

"Really friendly and approachable staff giving a good overview of online marketing."

Liz Turton
April 2017

"Many thanks to the team at Digital House for a very interesting Digital Marketing workshop yesterday. This free session was well run and very informative, capturing information and tips for business owners with a variety of digital marketing experience. I certainly came away feeling re-energised with new ideas to try."

Carrie Hale
April 2017

"Very good presentation. If I could afford it I would definitely use Digital Marketing for my website build and maintenance but as a one man band at the moment I have to put it on the back burner."

Sue Cordery
March 2017

"Thanks Digital House for a really enjoyable - and free! - Digital Insight Workshop last week. It was the perfect introduction to what can feel like a bit of a black art. Barbara and Sarah were knowledgeable, friendly and explained the nuts and bolts of SEO, Adwords, Social Media, etc.. in a really clear and simple way. The mix of information and practical advice was spot on, and the session has motivated us to look at how we can start using digital marketing to grow our business. We’ll certainly be recommending it to others, and look forward to having more of a chat with you about how you could help with our SEO and other digital activity!"

Suzy Rowntree
January 2017

"Had a great morning at Digital House attending one of their workshops, which I would highly recommend. They certainly know their stuff. Thank you to Barbara, Sarah and the rest of the team."

Lisa Mitchell
January 2017

"I visited Digital House this morning for their social media workshop and it was well worth it. Barbara and Dylan were a great team - everything was explained simply and we were never made to feel stupid. We covered everything I had hoped and more and was given plenty of food for thought. Would definitely consider using them in the future and I couldn't recommend their workshop more highly. Thank you to all involved."

Jacky Hayler
October 2016

"Thank you so much to all of you. The mist is finally clearing and I feel I can start using my Facebook business page and website more confidently, and with more success. A really good morning!"

Jenny Aspland
September 2016

"I would recommend taking a morning out to attend one of Barbara's workshops as it was well worth the time and a great eye opener to Social and media Marketing Barbara and Sarah were great and highlighted some great tools to use. It was reassuring that some things we are doing exactly how we should be."

Kate Pickard
July 2016

"Barbara and her team at Digital House took a genuine interest in helping to make my business succeed. Their knowledge and experience shows through in the presentation that they provided and their willingness to answer any question about Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter and web design. They run the kind of business that I would partner with."

Russ Shackleton
May 2016

"I attended a digital insight seminar this morning and found it so very helpful and motivating. Digital House know their stuff and it's fantastic that they share their knowledge for free.
I left on a high and I'm buzzing about getting my business off the ground. Thank you."

Caryn Woolcock

"I attended a free Digital Marketing Workshop today. I am someone who is self employed and finding marketing a very steep learning curve! The workshop was brilliant, really helpful, very clear explanations about how to use social media, email newsletters, SEO settings and Google Business. Barbara and Sarah are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and approachable. Thank you."

Lowri Rylance

"A big thank you to your team for the recent web workshop that we attended. It was brilliantly presented and very informative. I now have a much better understanding of SEO. You pointed out a problem with our website that we hadn't noticed and since then we have had more enquiries from Google. Thanks"

TJ Sutherland

"We attended a digital marketing SEO event today with Digital House. Not only was the event informative and engaging, but it's made us realise that there are Digital Marketing agencies out there who listen and care about their clients! Thank you."

Sarafina Roberts

"Great workshop. Excellent staff. Easy to understand, will recommend to others."

David Thomas
Novemeber 2017

"Clearly explained, friendly and not a selling workshop."

Linda Hynan
Novemeber 2017

"Excellent workshop, very informative. Professional company, friendly staff. Loved the staff introduction!"

Susan Meyers
October 2017

"Really informative. Friendly and everything explained so well. Comfortable to ask questions even if not on topic. They show they want to help in any way they can. Just want to get stuck in now!"

Emma Price
October 2017

"Digital Media Seminar. Amazing group of people. They really helped with understanding how to use Social Media. Very informative and professional. Thank you to Sarah at Digital House!"

Jon Vears
September 2017

"Highly recommend the Digital Marketing Insight Workshop, friendly, professional and a must do for any business. Thank you Barbara, Sarah and your amazing team for having us. We will be back very soon."

Tracey Edwards
September 2017

"Listened to a fantastic workshop yesterday and found the team extremely helpful and very informative. Learnt a lot about the huge possibilities with social media and the advantages of having a very good website."

Alex Daly
August 2017

"I found the Digital House course to be very informative and of a lot of use. Would most definitely recommend."

Emma Martin
August 2017

"Well structured and very helpful workshop! These guys definitely know their stuff and are all about helping you and your business on a personal and friendly level."

Jenny Thomas
July 2017

"Really useful and lovely friendly people… would recommend!"

Carissa Phillips
July 2017

"I attended the Digital Insight Marketing workshop and I could not believe how knowledgeable and informative the trainers were. Professional, passionate company and I shall definitely be putting into practice everything I have been taught today."

Vicky Knox
June 2017

"Very friendly, I really enjoyed it. I just need to learn more about social media."

Andy Milner
June 2017

"Today Digital House helped me understand the world of Digital Marketing. Now I feel confident that I can put my Digital plans into action straight away. Thanks Digital House for an excellent presentation."

Mathew Sheerin
June 2017

"Very interesting, lots to take in and learn, didn’t realise how much you can do etc."

Gemma Bailey
June 2017

"I am very pleased, I attended this workshop and it has enlightened me a lot about Google Business accounts. I am sure it will help me a lot with my website business."

Hartley Hurley
June 2017

"I recently attended a Digital Insight Workshop and found it well worth attending. In fact I was very impressed. Now I have got to put what I learnt into practice! Barbara and Sarah certainly know what they are talking about. Covering the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they packed in a lot of information and advice in an easy to understand, straightforward and friendly manner."

Richard Garfield
June 2017

"A really well thought out seminar that included key information around Digital Marketing. A relaxed learning environment that encouraged discussion and questions. Highly recommended."

Jeannie Satchell
May 2017

"A very informative course, I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you!"

Monica Cleaver
May 2017

"This was a morning spent very productively. It gave me a much better feel for using social media and from this I have created my Business Facebook page! Barbara is an excellent host and has a very successful and effective business. I would recommend to anyone to attend these free sessions and find out about what Digital House can offer you. I would stress that there is no pressure put on you to use them, though you may in the future... Thanks for your help Barbara."

Maggie Dee
May 2017

"Attended the free workshop today, I'm so pleased I did, very informative and friendly. Thank you Barbara and sarah."

Jane Cook
April 2017

"Great free seminar. I wanted more! The presentation felt very practical - and both Sarah and Barbara were excellent. This field is our greatest challenge...getting it right is critical. Digital House feel like a safe pair of hands based on the seminar."

Louise Harris
March 2017

"Attended an excellent Digital Insight workshop today - concise, simple, professional and friendly. Was a great way to find out more about this and the services Digital House provides in a relaxed and informative environment. Would highly recommend business owners or those responsible for SME marketing attend the next one."

Genevieve Gillard
March 2017

"A very informative Workshop thank you, I feel I have a lot to think about to apply to my own businesses. Would highly recommend Digital House to other Small Businesses!"

Polly Thatcher
February 2017

"I attended the free Digital Insight Workshop hosted by Barbara and Sarah and walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly help me propel my business in the digital world. I would highly recommend any new business owner to attend as the workshop offers a good insight into digital marketing for people just starting out. The friendly group of like minded people and generous hospitality from the Digital House team made for a pleasurable and educational morning. Thank you."

Kris Hulcoop-Allen
February 2017

"I recently attended the Digital Marketing workshop at Digital House. Barbara and Sarah are very passionate about what they do, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of digital marketing that I didn't even know existed! The workshop was immensely informative and delivered in a way that beginners such as myself could really understand what was going on! The information I learnt was worth far more than a few hours of my time, I would not even think twice about recommending anyone in business to attend the workshop! If I could give 10 stars, I absolutely would! "

Steph Catlin
January 2017

"Thank you to Barbara & the team for the free digital marketing workshop that I attended yesterday. I found it extremely interesting and have taken note of some tips to try out!"

Rowan Frayling
September 2016

"I would thoroughly recommend this workshop, even if you have a website or do digital marketing you will still learn something. Plus it's free a win, win all round.”

Sue Hough
July 2016

"EI attended the session yesterday and found it extremely helpful. Very good presentations from Barbara, Sarah and Gary. Highly recommended."

Karen Jones
May 2016

"Excellent workshop with Barbara and Sarah at Digital house yesterday. I came away with a much improved understanding of how to use various digital platforms to market my business and will be talking to Sarah in more detail as she is so knowledgeable"

Corrine Thomas

"I also attended the free media marketing workshop at DDA last week. It exceeded my expectations and I am impressed by the knowledge the team were happy to share.
I also have confidence in their ability to redesign my website and help my business grow. My business is unusual and relies on great marketing. Thank you."

Mandee Siegert

"I attended a free Digital Insights workshop last week on social Media and SEO which was very helpful. The team were very friendly and informative. It was also very encouraging to hear that several members of the team have been certified with Google, so have some "inside" knowledge about how Google rank businesses, in terms of SEO. I may in fact use them myself in the near future as it makes sense to use the experts and free up my time to do what I'm best at."

Katie James

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