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Digital Marketing Credibility is key! Pick out the spammers…..

Not getting caught by spammers is a real worry when it comes to choosing your digital partner.

How to pick out the spammers, see our tips below...

  • I am sure you get hundreds of emails offering number 1 positions on Google, many of them start with just 'Hi' or 'Good day' or 'Greetings!' or 'Hope you are doing well!'. Many do say they are a 'company from India'. Some say they are a 'leading Indian Based SEO & Web expert'. But are they really an expert for the Uk market?
  • Do you also notice that they all come from Gmail accounts, or Outlook or AOL, none of them seem to actually have a REAL trading name or email address!
  • Lots of spammers are now doing second and third follow-ups with opening messages such as 'I am curious to know whether you received my last email or not'.
  • Many of them also say things like "I was surfing through your website and realized that despite having a great design; it was not ranking on any of the search engines'.
  • They also never have 'unsubscribe' button so they just keep coming back. They are near-on impossible to get rid of!

Well, that's why we are very proud to be a member of Trading Standards (Buy With Confidence) and CheckaProfessional.

We believe in absolute transparency and trustworthiness. Our team are constantly trained on our services and we all ensure we never suggest anything to a prospective customer if we don’t genuinely believe it will better his or her business.

Some key points to validate credibility when choosing a Digital Marketing Partner….

  • Their own website and Digital Footprint - a good agency will have an engaging, informative and interesting website along with a digital footprint of all Social Media and LinkedIn. If they’re not doing it themselves, they won’t be much good at helping you!
  • Their Membership and Accreditation - the memberships and awards held by an agency and its senior management are an excellent place to start.
  • Reviews and Testimonials – it should be easy for you to find reviews and testimonials online of the company you are thinking of choosing.
  • Are you getting tied in – many agencies will tie you into a contract and you have to stay whether their services are working or not for you. 

Can we demonstrate our credibility to You?

Our Digital House family is deeply embedded in the network and landscape of Hampshire and Berkshire business.

We’ve demonstrated credibility and value to our clients over the years with a warm, approachable culture that values integrity and honesty above all else.

If you have a challenge in your business that requires marketing support, we’d love to talk and describe what we can do to help. We’ll lay out our thoughts clearly and concisely with minimal jargon and accurately predict the ROI potential available to you.

Contact us for a chat now.

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