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The Benefits of an E-commerce Website

The digital world brings with it new requirements for businesses both small and large. Chief among these is the need for a respectable ‘digital footprint’ an online presence within your industry that is robust enough to spread brand awareness and drive sales.
With more people turning to the internet for their shopping needs than ever before, the eCommerce website has risen in importance as a tool in a business’ arsenal.
The benefits to a healthy eCommerce website extends further than sales alone; it provides data and advertising opportunities that can be fed into other areas of business development to great effect.
With the digital landscape becoming more diverse and important with each passing year, today we take a closer look at key reasons for investing in an eCommerce site for a business of any size.

Your competition is already doing it

Of all the reasons to persuade a business owner towards action, the competition being ahead of them is one of the best!

It’s no longer fair to say that digital is ‘emerging’. That was ten years ago. Nowadays, with digital marketing services being as established and sophisticated as they are, the barrier for entry into activities such as running eCommerce websites is low.

What does this mean? Just about any business, small or large, can muscle in on the profit available online.

The good news is that the speed at which E-commerce websites and other digital marketing activities can be established is high; it can be a matter of days and weeks before your store can be running and drawing traffic and sales.

It enables you to gather customer data efficiently

It can be difficult indeed to capture email addresses and other forms of personal information from your customers! The ability to contact those who have visited your website and paid for your services and products is nevertheless a powerful tool in building repeat business and loyalty.

It’s also a key element of the value that an eCommerce website brings. Through the running of a shop and expert advice on how to shape your store and communications properly, you can do far more than just process sales.

This element of the online store rewards proactive working and experimentation. Research has long since told us of the process that most online shoppers go through prior to purchasing; namely that they visit several sites before committing.

Through prompting your site visitors with offers such as discounts and newsletters, you can capture valuable leads at several points in the customer journey as opposed to only gathering information when a sale is completed.

That data can help refine your services and email marketing

We love analytics as much as the next marketer! With an E-commerce website in operation, your site traffic will increase and your sales improve as a result.

What will also happen is that you will have a wealth of data with which to improve your service. In the same way that SEO and AdWords campaigns data can give insights beneficial to other marketing activities, running an eCommerce website and monitoring traffic through your product pages and website can allow you to optimise your business and boost your email marketing.

It’s cost effective and scales with your growth

Gone are the days where you are required to display your goods in a shopfront! Budget is critical to business owners regardless of size; an often-overlooked benefit of an eCommerce website is the ability to consolidate the storage and procurement of goods prior to selling.

With a healthy online store in operation, there is both less time and money spent in the managing and display of products. The need for storage can even be removed entirely if appropriate through means such as drop shipping.

This allows greater investment of your time and budget to where it is best spent: growth. With a new weapon in your sales arsenal in full effect, the modern business owner can allocate more of their funds and precious time into proactive work that ensures future success.

Once this growth takes place, the online store can also scale effortlessly with the business as it expands. Instead of requiring investment in a larger physical premise, eCommerce simply continues to see increased traffic and greater sales over time.

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