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Is Outsourcing Digital Marketing Better than Employing Someone?

Is Outsourcing Digital Marketing Better than Employing Someone?

As the owner of a business, steering your activities towards greater success is a duty that never stops. Continuous improvement is at the heart of business growth, with optimisation of your work always having the potential for results.

Never has this been truer than in the digital arena. The benefits of improving your digital authority and presence online are many and can, with appropriate expertise and investment, be the cornerstone of your expansion.

With digital marketing being infamous for its fast-moving and fickle nature, acquiring skilled support is mandatory. This leads the business owner to a question faced by millions: Do I employ the best talent available, or do I outsource to an agency?

Many find themselves drawn to the latter. Here’s why.


Your monthly management fee provides access to a team of experts.

Paying the salary of a new employee for Digital Marketing does just that; it pays for one person. While hiring a team and paying for an agency, gives you access to a whole team of experts. These specialists in their individual fields come together to create a plan of action that can start immediately. With digital marketing being multi-channel by necessity, one payment provides a range of qualified professionals brought together by an experienced digital marketing account manager.


Your internal resources are freed up instead of tied down

Balancing workload is a problem faced by us all. Employees who are asked to take on new duties may become overworked and stressed, jeopardising the very results they are working towards. This limits the potential for growth.

Digital marketing, with its complex processes that draws on a wide range of skillsets, is particularly susceptible to this issue. An internal employee may be slower to react to changes than an agency; a deadly flaw in the digital landscape where agility is key to success.

Outsourcing allows your staff to continue with what they know and do best. The burden of managing new campaigns and the changes that regularly happen with Google and their algorithms can be a constant strain on employees who already have enough to do! Agencies are used to change and are familiar with the work required and taking on new projects frequently and at short notice. By design, they are undoubtedly better suited to the task.


Flexibility means your money goes further

Employees are hired for a specific task that they specialise in. Very few employees are experts in all fields of digital marketing and in today's way of doing business online, you need to have experts working for you. Digital Marketing should be considered as 'strategic planning', developing the future of growth your business; experts really are the best way forward.
Employing someone for web design sounds good, but what do you do when the need for that skill diminishes? The agency is the opposite. Campaigns and services are often provided with short time frames with reports and updates available every week and meetings every month. 
These meetings with a dedicated account manager offers you the chance to streamline the service provided based on a very good understanding of the goals that need to be achieved to grow your business. An activity that has done its work can be removed from the plan, efficiently freeing resources for other areas that would benefit most from greater spend. Instead of being cumbersome, an agency worth its salt will be keen to continually optimise to provide the very best return on investment possible.


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