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Optimise Your Google My Business Page

Optimise Your Google My Business Page

Have you been looking to improve your local SEO rankings? You may be missing one key element within your strategy – and that is Google My Business. By being on Google My Business you increase your chances of appearing in Google’s Local Finder, Local Pack, Google Maps and general organic rankings.


Starting Google My Business

Once you have claimed your page at: google.com/business – you’re good to go. There is a lot of information that you can provide your potential consumers with, and Google will ask you to complete various questions about your business. Once complete, you’ll have a valuable dataset. Many business owners get this far and then forget about the page altogether. However, it is immensely important to check back regularly to check that info. If you don’t fill out snips of information, then someone else could. Many local business owners are unaware that any member of the public can suggest an “edit” to your page (that includes your sneaky competitors).

When someone clicks on your Google My Business page, they’ll see a “suggest an edit” option:

When the searcher clicks on the “suggest an edit” link they can literally make changes to your Google My Business page (possibly dramatic). These aren’t just suggested changes – they’re user-generated edits that can actually become live on your page without you even receiving a notification. This is just one of the reasons as to why it is very important to log into Google My Business regularly.

Once you’ve claimed and completed your Google My Business page, it is time to start optimizing it. (An opportunity to outdo your competitors!)



Google posts are similar to social media posts or even mini-adverts that show on your Google My Business listing on a search page.

By posting often, you’re telling Google that you’re active, still in Business and looking to engage with consumers. Google will look favourably at your account. Not sure what to post? Here are some simple ideas:

  • An upcoming event? Post about it! (date, time, place, add a sign-up link)
  • Having a sale? Post about it!
  • Written a fantastic blog? Link to it!
  • New product or service? Showcase it.
  • Just fancy spreading some happiness? Say hello and wish everyone a lovely week.

 *Cliché alert*

The possibilities with posts are endless! Google Posts show up in prominent places, so don’t miss out on these opportunities to stand out (always include images).


Online Reviews

Unlike a number of review websites, that often discourage businesses from asking their customers for reviews, Google encourages it (ethically). Google My Business Reviews appear on your listing, and can certainly help you to stand out amongst thousands of search results.

Studies by BrightLocal’s 2017 Consumer Review Survey showcases that online reviews impact search result rankings, consumer trust and click through rate. According to their study:

  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

By following Google’s guidelines for Google My Business Reviews, you can, in fact, ask your consumers to leave a review. Helping you to build a greater portfolio and representation of your business online for potential customers to read.

When a customer leaves a review for you – regards of whether it is good or bad – make sure you respond to them. Not only does it showcase that you appreciate their feedback, but it also shows potential customers that you care about making a good impression.

These are just some simple tips to help you begin your Google My Business optimization. Remember, all it takes is making that bit more effort than your competitors and you can appear ahead of them in searches.

Keen to learn more about Google My Business? Come along to one of our FREE workshops for more insight!



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