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How to Choose the Right Web Designer for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Web Designer for Your Business

In a digital world, your website is a crucial pillar of success for businesses both small and large. Able to drive growth and profit spectacularly when supported by effective paid search and search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, the true success of your website is nevertheless determined by the quality of its design and ongoing maintenance.

The decision of who to partner with for your website design is, therefore, a crucial strategic decision as a business owner. Just as the potential for profits are high, so is the possibility of a poorly designed website becoming an expensive burden on your finances and time.

Choosing the right designer is essential. As experts with many years’ experience supporting us, we’d like to offer you today a set of tips to guide your decision to its best result.

Trust Your Instinct

First impressions mean the world where agencies are concerned. The quality of a team is apparent from the moment you visit their website and speak to their staff; trust yourself in following your ‘gut’ after getting in touch.

This decision is important for many reasons, but chief amongst these is the often-confused fact that website design is not a single purchase or interaction. Hiring the services of an agency for the creation of a website is a consultative process that requires discovery sessions, regular communication and thorough aftercare and customer support.

True experts are aware of these facts and will honestly discuss the work involved to a prospective customer. It’s at this stage that you can glean crucial details on the team’s quality; if their staff are open, accurate and a delight to talk to you are in good hands! Conversely, you may find that lesser agencies or designers are heavily sales focused, with little attention or pride given to aftercare and customer service; a clear red flag.

Go Local

We described the full benefits of partnering with a local agency in a recent article - it’s worth reading. Particularly for the small business owner, the benefits of local support marry well with the priorities and constraints common to the start-up business. For such companies, close partnership, keen attention to detail and local knowledge are critical aspects of success that are more readily provided by an agency rooted in your area.

Review That Portfolio

Excellent designers can’t wait to show you the work they’ve done; bad designers do their best to hide it! The portfolio is the most effective sales tool in any designer’s arsenal and by looking through past work you can obtain a clear sense of the quality of work provided by that team. You can also simply review their very website. If they know their stuff, it should be fantastic!

When you are performing your research, a great technique is to review the team’s portfolio and create a set of questions. Asking these directly to the individual you contact can give you an invaluable understanding of just how much they know their own work. A skilled agency will confidently describe and defend their design process and decisions; a poor one will gloss over imperfections and steer the conversation towards money.

Understand the Depth and Breadth of Service

To get a sound reading of just how authentic an agency is, it’s good to go social. With a review of the services and portfolio shown on the website, research their social presence on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It’s well and good for an agency to claim local knowledge and connections, but you’ll soon see another red flag if they have no presence on these channels to support this claim. The benefit of a truly connected local service is significant; it’s also one of the easiest to bluff to the customer unwilling to take a closer look before buying.

About Digital House

Years of experience has taught our experts the value of open, honest communication and consultation. That’s why we are registered with the Check-a-Professional and Buy With Confidence schemes. We’re open about our expertise and history because we know its quality inside and out – there’s nothing to hide here!

Start a conversation now with one of our digital experts. We look forward to learning of your plans for growth!


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